Also, thank you to prepare my complete Personal and Dated Visionary Analysis especially for me, in which you will give me all your advice. This Study will also reveal your views about me for the next 12 months.

I'll carefully complete the questionnaire below to help you concentrate on my current problems, the ones that are distressing me most and that I’d like to solve quickly.

I am requesting my Complete Personal & Dated Visionary Analysis for the price of .

The information marked with an asterisk is necessary for completing and expediting my work.

Here are my coordinates
If you do not know your time of birth, select 6am. This is the default time used by the astrologers.
My date of birth

I am of legal age


I’ve confirmed what my primary focus is, so I can finally enjoy a new life that truly corresponds to what I want. I have a right, like everyone else, to Happiness.

(I’ve selected up to 7 choices from the list below):

Win big at a game of my choice
Have more money and be able to spend without budgeting
Find a job or get a promotion
Get rid of loneliness, meet the ideal partner and find True Love
Start communicating with my children again
Pass my driver’s test or win a contest
Start a business and get rich
Solve an important personal problem
Renew my self-confidence, overcome my fears
Get in shape again
Win a legal case
Resolve a problem with neighbours
Sell my home for a good price
Conquer my addiction to alcohol, tobacco or other substances
Be protected against the evil eye and all forms of jealousy

My favourite colour is:

I will truthfully answer the following questions; these are key elements in my current and future life. I understand that all my answers will remain confidential.

I live in a HOUSE:yes no
I enjoy taking exotic trips:yes no
I believe in the existence of paranormal phenomena:yes no
I believe in the EVIL EYE:yes no
I believe I’m the object of jealousy:yes no
I believe I’m the victim of a curse:yes no
I'm afraid of Black Magic:yes no
I have previously consulted a psychic:yes no
Aside from yourself, I currently have another mentor:yes no
I love animals:yes no
I own a dog:yes no
I own a cat:yes no
I'm afraid of spiders:yes no
I'm afraid of mice and/or rats:yes no
I'm afraid of snakes:yes no
I would describe myself as:
nervous calm anxious depressed
curious possessive jealous suspicious
I make friends easily:yes no
I'm trusting:yes no
I have problems with my neighbours:yes no
I have problems communicating with others:yes no
I believe in luck:yes no
I believe in the Moon's influence:yes no
I believe in the power of Telepathy:yes no
I believe in the influence of Numbers:yes no
I believe in the power of Magic:yes no
I believe in the influence of Stones:yes no
I believe in the power of Plants:yes no
I believe in the power of Shamans:yes no

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Consequently, you’re not taking any risk. No questions will ever be asked. Upon simple written request, you will receive an immediate refund with no request for an explanation. This is my formal and unconditional guarantee that protects you at 100%.